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I would highly recommend Richard as a very professional showman both on and off the stage. He has an uncanny ability of making his audience feel like they are part of the show. His humor and magnetism combine for a dynamic show.

– Dave Emery | Magicland Shows Production

The Magic


Imagine your guests enjoying elegant magic that happens right in their hands! Things appear, disappear, change into incredible items right in front of them. This will give your guests something to talk about for years to come. Great magical entertainment that can fit any event.


Have you ever had your mind read by a metalist? Your guests will enjoy the powers of the mind and imagination as Richard guides them through this interactive, audience participation event like none other. Great magical entertainment for award banquets, sales meetings, employee events, and so much more.


You only get one shot to impress your guests so make sure you go with a show that is 100% guaranteed to make your audience believe in magic again. Magic, comedy, illusions, audience participation and so much more! Great magical entertainment for any occasion when you need to impress everyone.


Gathering a crowd at the trade show is just the first step in successfully turning customers into clients. Stop using the ‘business card fishbowl’ and let Richard show you how to create REAL VALUE at your next trade show.

For top-quality event entertainment, turn to charismatic magician, entertainer, and mentalist Richard Kennedy in Anchorage.

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About Richard

Magic has been my greatest journey.

I’ve been performing magic, illusions, and comedy professionally since 1981. My first introduction into magic was a kids magic set gifted by my grandmother on my 7th birthday. The ‘Magic Bug’ bit me hard, and I was soon spending multiple hours at the local library every day studying every magic book I could get my hands on.

While attending high school I met my first mentor. I was lucky enough to impress the gentlemen so he let me work as his lead magic demonstrator at the shop. For the next 6 years I worked with him professionally specializing in magic, balloon sculptures, and face-painting. These were very formative years for me.

When I turned twenty-one I answered the call of my country and enlisted in the United States Army. During my many tours of duty I entertained thousands of troops in Kansas, Texas, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, Washington D.C, Hungary, Austria and Germany. During one deployment I was sent on special assignment to an orphanage in Hungary where I was honored to perform magic for a group of children who lost their parents during the Bosnian conflict. It still touches my heart to this day.

In 2012 I moved to Alaska where I’ve made my permanent home. I’m happily married with six children, and four grand-children. I’m a long-time member of the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M) and the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M). In 2015 I won the Grand Prize at the Bear Paw Festival Talent Competition in Eagle River, and in 2019 was a finalist at the Great Alaskan Talent Competition.

I have the greatest career in the world creating wonder for people. When we’re young everything is Magic… birds flying, flowers growing, the sun setting. But as we age Magic is explained to us and nothing seems magical anymore. My joy as an illusionist is to bring back that sense of wonder to everyone who forgot that Magic still exists in everthing if you look closely enough.

Will you join me?

Amazing Your Guests

Real People.
Real Results.

Your performance during Valley Vista Care Center’s annual Volunteer Recognition eventing was truly masterful… We delighted in your professionalism, and heartily recommened you to others who want something truly magical in their evening. Thank you for a spectacular show.

Marta Carlson Moser

Activities Coordinator, Valley Vista Care Center

I would highly recommend Richard as a very professional showman both on and off the stage. He has an uncanny ability of making his audience feel like they are part of the show. His humor and magnetism combine for a dynamic show.

Dave Emery

Magicland Shows Production

Without your shows I am sure the money raised would have been considerably less… I can personally attest to just how amazing the shows were and your ability to interact wtih the audience is fantastic. You are truly a talented, professional entertainer. I hope you will consider allowing us the opportunity to utilize your skilss in the future as your show is definitely one not to be missed.

Rene Kinsey

Chairman, TAMC Haunted House and Harvest Festival

Richard Kennedy’s Clients Include…
Is Richard Kennedy able to entertain people who don't speak English?

Magic is universally appealing to all walks of life! Although your non-english speaking guests may not totally understand every funny joke Richard makes, they’ll still be thoroughly entertained and amazed by the magic they see!

Is Richard able to entertain while people are eating?

Technically, yes, but we really don’t recommend it. By the nature of the entertainment Richard is providing, your guests will be participating in the magic. As you can imagine, this becomes an issue when people are trying to eat. Noboday wants to be pulled away from their meal. Also, it’s hard for the audience to “watch closely” when they’re enjoying their beef stroganoff. This applies to all strolling, mentalism and stage show packages.

What do we need to provide you on our end?

What is needed varies based on the type of entertainment being provided.

If you go with a strolling/close up magic package there is virtually no additional requirements. Everything Richard needs he comes prepared with ready to entertain when he arrives at the event.

For the stand-up and mentalism show packages, there are some important requirements that are needed in order for a successful performance.

1. If Richard is the only performer with equipment on the stage (besides a podium), then we recommend a stage at least 12′ x 8′ and at least 6 inches off the floor. Depending on how high the stage is, stairs might also be required as there is fun audience participation throughout the performance. In cases where Richard’s equipment would be sharing the stage with other performer(s), a larger stage may be necessary or other special considerations.

2. If Richard is performing his illusion show then the stage area should be at least 20′ X 30′ for best results with stairs to the stage available for guests and loading. Side curtains are a plus, but not required. Lighting must be able to fill the stage area so everyone can see the show. At least four electrical outlets must be within 50′ of the stage area. Sound system is supplied by Richard and his cast for the show only.

3. In most cases, Richard will provide his own sound system unless it’s a performance that requires air travel. In this case, he’ll also need a professional sound system setup and monitored throughout the performance. The best type of mic is a headset mic known as a “country man”. It’s wireless and hands free. We also need an an input for an iPod for sound effects. Once again, most of the time Richard provides his own professional sound system. Please keep in mind that you still may have AV needs yourself and still may want to ask your venue to provide a microphone to show a presentation, announce winners, give speeches, etc.

4. In regards to lighting, we have no specific needs but do recommend not having your event too dark because it becomes more difficult for your guests to experience the amazing magic when they are struggling to see what’s happening.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. You may pay securely online using PayPal or our Secure Payment Page. If paying with check, please make check payable to “Richard Kennedy“

Does Richard perform outside of the Anchorage/Mat-Su area?

Yes, even though Richard is based in Palmer, AK, he travels to all parts of Alaska.

What size audiences can Richard entertain?

Richard’s entertainment is best suited for small to medium size crowds. Richard entertains groups as intimate as 10 people all the way up to 500 guests in a ballroom. If you have a large group (200 or more), the use of projection screens makes the show even more enjoyable for your guests. Talk to your venue or contact a local audio/video company with questions to further explore that option.

Will Richard embarrass or offend anyone?

We’re proud to say that absolutely NO ONE is embarrassed in any way. We’ve heard multiple horror stories of how other “entertainers” have completely offended guests in the audience with off color jokes and remarks. Richard Kennedy’s show is completely G-Rated and never relies on entertaining people by making fun of them. The adage, “We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you…” applies to Richard’s shows.

What kind of room set up do you need for the stage and mentalism shows?

Typically having the stage setup against a wall, and having all of your guests seated in front and as close as possible (this helps provide a more intimate feeling) is the best.

Some things to avoid:Guests that are seated directly to either side of the stage or behind have TERRIBLE views so avoid that at all costs. A space that can comfortably seat all of your guests without having them on the sides or behind the stage is best. Also watch out for those huge annoying beams right in the middle of some rooms. Please take into consideration your guests so they don’t get stuck behind one of them and miss out on the fun. See the example room diagram below. Optionally, you can request “pipe and drape” for the stage which basically serves as the backdrop of the performance and gives it a nice feel.



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